Claassen Studio

I grew up in Alaska, made my way to Seattle, then to Chicago, continued my journey south, and now call San Diego my home.   I sail on the Bay, enjoy the beaches, hike in the mountains, camp in the desert and generally enjoy all that San Diego has to offer.    I love the colors and vitality of San Diego and try to make that a part of my painting. 


I’ve shown my art at Chris’ Ono Grinds, Southwestern Yacht Club and currently have art shown at Artisan Collection Gallery.

I hope you enjoy viewing the art I’ve enjoyed making.   



fine art - watercolor



I am a watercolor artist.   I have worked in other mediums, such as acrylic and alcohol inks, but watercolor is where I feel most inspired and challenged.   Watercolor seems to have a mind of its own.   There’s no taming watercolor, only learning to work with it.  In taking workshops with some amazing painters I’ve been able to grow as an artist and learn more about that tricky watercolor!   I love painting seascapes, boats and flowers,  using primarily a coastal color palette.